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Local Resident Chonburi Lee to run for Maplewood City Council

For Immediate Release Contact information: 651.321.2299 | May 3, 2022 Local Resident Chonburi Lee to run for Maplewood City Council Maplewood, MN – Chonburi Lee, a local community organizer and resident of Maplewood, will run for one of the two at-large city council seats this year on the Maplewood City Council. Lee comes from a family of 5, as the eldest of three boys. He lives in Maplewood with his own family of 6 and his parents in their multigenerational home. He is active in civic life, currently serving as a member of Maplewood’s Multicultural Advisory Committee, and most recently served as vice chair of the local Maplewood City DFL Party. With over a decade of work experience in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors, as well as having owned small businesses before, Lee brings perspective on the strides yet to made that will propel the community forward. He is a hardworking family man dedicated to uplifting the community for everyone.

“The demographics of our community are rapidly evolving. Representation reflective of this in city government will be critical to the city’s growth and response to the changing world as well as to sustaining of our great city’s future,” said Lee. Lee is both proud and excited to enter a race in the city where he has planted his roots so that he may become an effective leader to advocate for the future of not just his young family, but all residents of the city. Lee hopes to earn the endorsement of delegates at the upcoming city DFL convention on May 24, 2022. An official campaign kickoff will be held on Sunday, May 8, 2022 from 2 PM to 4 PM. For more information, visit ###

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