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Maplewood City Council Candidate Chonburi Lee Announces Major Endorsements

For Immediate Release Contact information: 651.321.2299 | May 23, 2022 Maplewood City Council Candidate Chonburi Lee Announces Major Endorsements Maplewood, MN – Chonburi Lee, a local community organizer and resident of Maplewood, is running for one of the two at-large city council seats this year on the Maplewood City Council. Today, Chonburi Lee announces that he has earned the endorsement of the following public officials: State Senator Chuck Wiger (Senate District 43) State Representative Peter Fischer (House District 43A) State Representative Leon Lillie (House District 43B) State Representative Tou Xiong (House District 53A) Maplewood City Council Member Nikki Villavicencio Former Maplewood City Council Member Sylvia Neblett Having the support of area local elected officials is important to Chonburi and he is proud to have the support of so many great community leaders. “I want to thank Senator Wiger, Representative Fischer, Representative Lillie, Representative Tou Xiong, Council Member Villavicencio, and former Council Member Neblett for their support. These are great leaders whose experience, example, and leadership I have always admired and look up to. In earning their support, I hope to honor their friendship and good work by leading with the values and work ethic they have shown me,” Chonburi Lee says. Lee hopes to earn the endorsement of delegates at the upcoming city DFL convention on May 24, 2022. For more information, visit ###

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