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I Am Maplewood Strong


Nikki Villavicencio


Sylvia Neblett


Tou Xiong


Nora Slawik

Former Maplewood City
Council Member

Minnesota State Representative (53A)

Former Maplewood
Mayor (2014-2018)

Maplewood City
Council Member

"I am proud to endorse Chonburi because he will strengthen the diversity of representation on the Maplewood City Council. He is a positive force who digs down to the details and collaborates with many different people."

"Chonburi Lee is a person who loves our community and is committed to making it better for all of us. I am happy to give my support to Chonburi and look forward to the work he will do for Maplewood."

"Chonburi brings a valuable perspective that will contribute to moving the city of Maplewood toward a more inclusive, socially and economically sustainable future. I am proud to support his candidacy for the Maplewood City Council."

"Chonburi will bring an important perspective to the Maplewood City Council with his background and skills.  He continuously demonstrates a strong commitment to the community and ability to lead."


Chuck Wiger


Peter Fisher


Leon Lillie


Victoria Rindhardt

Minnesota State Representative (43A)

Minnesota State Representative (43B)

Ramsey County Commissioner (D7)

Minnesota State Senator (SD 43)

"Chonburi is thoughtful, dedicated, open-minded and caring. He will communicate regularly, do his homework and strongly advocate for our neighborhoods and community."

"Chonburi exemplifies numerous things - the family man, the small business owner, the resident concerned about public safety, and the environmentalist. His multifaceted representation will broaden the scope of inclusivity on the Maplewood City Council."

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"Diplomacy, tenacity, and spirit are among some of the traits that make Chonburi a good fit for the Maplewood City Council. I am confident he will do great things for the city of Maplewood."

Supported by The Community

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