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My sincerest thanks to those who shared my vision and supported my efforts to serve on the City Council.
I am excited to work with the City of Maplewood, its businesses, and residents.

"The demographics of our community are rapidly evolving.  Representation reflective of this in city government will be critical to the city's growth and response to the changing world as well as to sustaining of our great city's future."

 - Chonburi Lee

(Early Voting Started September 23rd, 2022)

Improving Public Safety

Events of the past two years have shown us that greater community relations with law enforcement is critical to improved services and equitable policies. With my service on the MAC, I have the relationships and understand the issues to ensure our city maintains its innovative approach to public safety. We have a great public safety department and we need to ensure it can be even greater.


As our world rapidly changes and adapts to the realities of global warming, we must account for our role in fueling this unnatural trend. Our practices can help save the planet for future generations. It is important that we have thoughtful long-term planning with an eye for greener policies so that we can maintain healthier lives and enjoy the great abundance of the earth’s resources.

Investing in Infrastructure and Transit

A great Maplewood makes for a greater East Metro, and as a rising tide lifts all boats, we must improve and maintain our transit infrastructure. The issue of transportation is crucial to a safer, healthier, and economically competitive city. We must be a city where people can choose all modes of transportation. This is not only an issue of freedom and choice, but also an issue of equity. If someone cannot get from point A to point B, they have no access to places of employment, recreation, healthcare, goods and services and food access. A stronger Maplewood means we must invest in the infrastructure we have and improve where we need to meet the needs of the future.

Growing the Business Community

As a small business owner, I know firsthand what it takes to keep a business afloat while providing for my family. There are so many barriers to entry and through red tape that we can always do better to ensure that small businesses can flourish on our main streets. We must innovate and cocreate a new reality to dig ourselves as a city and a nation out of this pandemic and recession. I look forward to strengthening the relationships we have with businesses to ensure a level playing field and to enable all businesses to thrive so that we all can be lifted up economically.

Compelled to Contribute: Free Work

I distributed a flyer with this art during my campaign for Maplewood City Council. It was something I created when I was 17 as the Student Council President at Arlington High School. It feels like ages ago but many of the elements captured on it are still very relevant to who I am as a person and the values I stand for. Little did I know that my passion to help the community would be a life long one.

I have worked in a variety of professions, but I always come back to what my wife calls “free work”. No matter what paths I embark on, I am compelled to contribute to a greater good – my civil duty as a human for my family, friends, and community. The late Paul Wellstone, whom I admire, once said “we all do better when we all do better”. It perfectly encompasses my purpose for serving on the Maplewood City Council.

I have been fortunate in my life; I have capable hands, an imaginative mind, and most importantly, and open heart. I want to work with people. I value differences in perspective and life experiences. And I want to get work done. I believe there is commonality in everyone’s core values – the values that drive our decisions.

I look forward to working with the residents and businesses within Maplewood to ensure the city continues to flourish in the years to come – to make Maplewood a model city where people want to live, work, and play - but I want to put people before politics, to do what is right, not what is easy.

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