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Maplewood City Council Candidate Chonburi Lee Clinches City DFL Endorsement

For Immediate Release Contact information: 651.321.2299 | May 25, 2022 Maplewood City Council Candidate Chonburi Lee Clinches City DFL Endorsement Maplewood, MN – Chonburi Lee, a local community organizer and resident of Maplewood, is running for one of the two at-large city council seats this year on the Maplewood City Council. On the night of Tuesday, May 24, Chonburi Lee was able to earn the first of two Maplewood City DFL endorsements at the city convention. On the very first ballot, Chonburi Lee received more than the 60% of votes necessary to win the nomination. His vote tally was 45 out of 51, or 88%. As a person with a strong communication and business background, Chonburi Lee is proud to use his people skills and relationship building skills to rally allies and build friendships across generations, race, class and abilities. Earning this endorsement is critical to the bridge-building work Chonburi Lee champions. Chonburi is proud to have earned the endorsement of the following public officials: State Senator Chuck Wiger (Senate District 43) State Representative Peter Fischer (House District 43A) State Representative Leon Lillie (House District 43B) State Representative Tou Xiong (House District 53A) Maplewood City Council Member Nikki Villavicencio Former Maplewood City Council Member Sylvia Neblett Chonburi Lee is extremely proud to have earned the city DFL endorsement. “I did not win this endorsement alone. I earned this endorsement through the hard work of my campaign team, my friends, neighbors and supporters who share my vision. I have earned this endorsement with the community. I want to first thank my wife and my family for their endearing love and support. I want to next thank my campaign team who worked tirelessly to carry us over the top. I want to thank everyone who shares in our dream to co-create a great vision for a strong and more united Maplewood. Thank you to all my friends, neighbors and supporters. The hard work has only just begun and I am going to hit the ground running for and with you!” Chonburi Lee says. For more information, visit ###

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